Dianthus Medical Blog Archive

Dianthus Medical blog archive

Welcome to the Dianthus Medical blog archive.

Dianthus Medical Limited was a company I set up in 1999. We used to provide medical writing, clinical data management, and statistical consultancy services. Well, it turned out I wasn't very good at running a company, and it went bust in 2014. But I had a lot of fun in those 15 years, and got to work with some great people. I'm particularly proud of having helped to launch several successful careers in medical writing during that time. Many thanks to everyone who made those 15 years so enjoyable.

This website is partly here so that the name of Dianthus Medical isn't completely erased from the internet, but mostly to preserve the Dianthus blog for posterity. I wrote a blog on the company website for many years, and I think it would have been a shame if all those blogposts disappeared with the company. So here they are, in their entirety. I hope you enjoy reading them.

This website is an archive of the blog, and is not a live blog. You can't leave comments on any of the posts. But all the existing comments are reproduced here.

I now blog at statsguy.co.uk if you want to read my more recent ramblings.

Adam Jacobs